Cartoon Jam Presents Tippy and Go-Go!

We are introducing Tippy and Go-Go with a fabulous contest! Only three easy steps to enter

  • Download one or both of our coloring pages
  • Draw, color, and add dialogue to one or both of the scenes
  • Show us your masterpiece! on Twitter #tippyandgogo or email it to
Winners will receive a great grab-bag full of Tippy and Go-Go swag. Results posted here on June 30th.

Download first Page

Download Second Page

More Tippy and Go-Go

Odd Apreciation

Go-Go is strangely unenthusiastic about animal's unique artistic abilities.

Very Dear Diary

Tippy finds life a little dull and Tommy aims to fix that. As usual, things don't always go as planned.

Fashion Friday

No one is better dressed than Tippy and Go-Go! Visit us every Friday for a new fashion page. Coming soon.

The Tippy and Go-Go store

Not enough Tippy and Go-Go swag in your life? Fix that here! Coming soon.

Meet Go-Go!

Background and physical characteristics: Her name is Gertrude West but she prefers to go by the self-appointed nickname of Go-Go. Thinks it makes her sound more “sophisticated”. Her friends humor her and call her Go-Go but family still refers to her Gertrude or Gertie (which she hates more than Gertrude). Go-Go is 16 years old, average height with dark hair, green eyes and a very expressive face. She normally wears her hair in an easy bob style with her trademark bow. She has many, many bows. Some of which she has made herself. She is the daughter of Mr.West and Mrs. West – a loving but reasonably strict and frugal couple. They own a hardware and appliance store.

Favorites and Habits: Go-Go doesn’t have a favorite color (she tends to have a very colorful wardrobe) but if she were forced to choose her artistic sensibilities would have her choose white because it resembles a blank canvas. She is a great lover of music both popular and obscure. She sings and plays the guitar. One of her proudest achievements is her mastery on the guitar. She is a good student and an avid reader. Her reading material is an eclectic mix of fashion magazines, contemporary literature and the classics. She is not a sports fan.

Friends and her relationship with them: Go-Go is moderately outgoing and seems to get along with most people. Her best friend is Tippy – a more excited and emotional girl. Go-Go serves as a more level headed foil to Tippy but they accept each other as they are. They share similar tastes in music. Go-Go’s other friends are Tommy (Tippy’s off-on boyfriend), Ashley (a rival for Tippy’s affections), Egghead and Peggy Fleagal. Peggy, due to her acerbic wit and mischievous nature, has several conflicts with the rest of the group but seems to get along with Go-Go due to her level-headed and easy going nature. Go-Go’s boyfriend is Animal (a nickname – unfortunately, not a self-appointed one) – a very athletic boy. They met when Go-Go was appointed as his English tutor. He is the opposite of dashing but his heart is always in the right place.

Meet Tippy!

Background and physical characteristics: Yes, Tippy’s name is actually Tippy. It is not a nickname. Surprising, since Tippy’s parents seem to be pretty straight-laced and not at all whimsical. Tippy, however, seems to fit her name very well. She is whimsical, spontaneous, dramatic and energetic. This energy is poured into her latest obsession, crush, or sports. Tippy is 16 years old, average height with blond hair and blue eyes.

Favorites and Habits: Tippy loves music, movies, sports, hanging out, film stars, fashion and boys – not necessarily in that order.

Friends and her relationship with them: Tippy is very outgoing and popular. Her best friend is Go-Go. Go-Go serves as a more level headed foil to Tippy but sometimes can be drawn into Tippy’s various schemes. Tippy’s schemes are rarely well planned and thought out but harmless none-the-less. Tippy’s on-off boyfriend is Tommy who takes Tippy’s flights of fancy in stride. Another suitor is Ashley a wealthy and sometimes arrogant boy. Tippy’s friends include Animal (Go-Go’s boyfriend) and Egghead. Tippy seems to have the most conflict with Peggy Fleagal – a girl who regularly competes for Tommy’s affections.